Friday, May 12, 2017

Pro-life - We will not be cowed into submission


Dear Jim Watson,

I was very disappointed regarding your decision yesterday to lower the pro-life flag over city hall yesterday.

As pro-life people supporting the rights of preborn human beings, we are continually marginalized and discriminated against. This was just one more example of this kind of sanctioned behaviour.

The flag was a small symbol of what we stand for, and you bent to pressure to remove it, after allowing it to be raised. It's bad enough that Mr. Trudeau has banned pro-life people from his party; now you feel you must "apologize" for allowing us to fly our flag.

Your efforts would have been far better used in controlling the aggressive masked counter protesters, who blocked our way during our city approved March for Life. In fact can you please explain to me why these counter protesters were allowed to block us and not reigned in?

I am so disappointed in this council for these actions, especially you and my own city councillor Tobi Nussbaum.

And please do not tell me that women have a constitutional right to abortion. This is an untruth that has been spread so often that some people still believe it is true.

We speak for preborn children who have no voice and have no protection as long as they are in the womb. These children are not a part of a woman's body and for those who say otherwise are wrong.

Patricia Maloney


  1. I commend your efforts Patricia, you speak eloquently for the pro-life movement and your continued contacting of political figures on behalf of the movement is much needed and appreciated.

  2. Thanks Julie. We all do what we can do. I do this.

  3. Women and men who think the developing baby is "a part of a woman's body", try this test. Leave it be and in time, there will be a birth and the woman will have a son or a daughter. Scientific proof.