Sunday, March 5, 2017

When the Conservatives act like Liberals

You know Pierre Lemieux makes a really good point in his latest email to his supporters. When the pro-abortion Liberals decided to spend more of our tax dollars on abortion in poor countries, why haven't we heard anything against this from the Conservative party?
"You may have missed a significant announcement last week. 
The Liberals announced that they are giving $20 million this year to help International Planned Parenthood provide more abortions overseas. 
If you missed it, it wasn’t because the Liberals tried to hide it. They’ve been pre-positioning it for weeks. 
Rather, it is because Conservatives, as Opposition, are saying nothing."
Why the silence? Do the Conservatives condone this spending? Surely not. Aren't the Conservatives all about fiscal prudence? We have a 635 billion dollar debt in this country, and no Conservatives are talking about this shameful waste of money. Oh it's about abortion, is that it? Can't be seen as opposing anything to do with abortion?

Seems like the Conservative party is becoming an awful lot like the pro-abortion Liberals when they refuse to hold the Liberals to account to us for this shameful spending on killing unborn children in poor countries:
"When life issues are “out of bounds” for us as Conservatives, the Liberals are able to implement their agenda without any accountability or challenge."
Here's the question then. Why do we need a Conservative party at all? When the Conservative party we thought we had is really just a Liberal party?

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