Thursday, March 2, 2017

The rot starts at the top - Canadians fund abortion overseas

This is sickening. We are going to give $20 million for "Reproductive Rights" which of course includes abortion.

My tax dollars and yours. It's not enough that we fund abortion right here in Canada. Now we want to fund it elsewhere.

So how much debt are we currently in in Canada anyway? $635 billion:
"Federal debt is also assumed to cross the $1 trillion mark around 2031. It is currently $635 billion."
And now we will add to that pathetic number so we can kill more unborn babies in other countries.

I think what International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has done highlights the rot in this Liberal government and I plan to tell her this. This is not responsible government. On any level.

Write to the Minister and tell her what you think of her spending our tax dollars on overseas abortions. And copy her pro-abortion boss Justin Trudeau.


  1. I'm not sure why people are still funding abortions, I think they should only be funded in extreme cases like rape etc...but that's just my opinion, I'd like really to hear others. If you're okay with it, I saw some good sayings on pro life that I wanted to share here: Anti Abortion Pro Life Slogans

    1. Brooke I don't think any abortion should be funded. That's because I don't believe abortion is ever medically necessary. Rape is tragic and a woman who has been raped deserves our support and care. But aborting her unborn child means we end up with two tragedies instead of one.