Friday, December 23, 2016

This is for you Patrick Brown

Your Afternoon Briefing For Thursday December 22, 2016 

'Twas the day before Queen's Park emptied out for the year, and what to our wondering eyes did appear in our inboxes but a fundraising letter for the STOP THE NEW SEX-ED AGENDA party, written in the style of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Heard: A so-con spin on classic Christmas poem
22.12.2016 Sabrina Nanji Parents

As First Educators' spokeswoman Tanya Granic Allen has put a social conservative spin on the classic holiday poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, to raise donations for the newly formed political party headed up by Queenie Yu, the Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda Party.

Here it is: ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through Queen’s Park
The politicians fled home, to Strathroy and Lanark.

The polls had been published in The Star and The Post
Kathleen Wynne's numbers were clear - the premier was toast.

Patrick Brown's "blue" team, now turned into "reds"
While visions of power danced in their heads.

With the inappropriate s/x-ed being taught in the schools,
Wynne and Brown thought the parents and public were fools.

When out in the public arose such a clatter,
Parents from every corner of Ontario began to natter.

Concerned parents took to the streets to protest.
Voters throughout Ontario campaigned with zest.

Tanya Granic Allen yelled “Get that s/x-ed repealed!”
In Scarborough's byelection, Queenie Yu ran and appealed.

Patrick Brown upon realizing this was a real threat,
Sat down with his team to see what deal he could get.

After discussions with Tanya who insisted on a repeal in full,
Patrick Brown issued a letter which turned out to be bull.

Tanya said she wanted “repeal”, but Patrick preferred “scrap”,
Later Brown flip-flopped, calling the letter a "mishap".

"There was a mistake, I support it!" declared Brown of Wynne’s s/x-ed,
A “modern” and “socially liberal” party was what he wanted, he said.

But PAFE and Queenie refused to let him get away,
The duplicity of Brown’s positions must be made known today!

"Protect the kids! Defend Parents’ rights! Scrap the s/x-ed!"
MPPs must acknowledge this or thousands will be red.

Now Nicholls, now Hillier, now Cho and Barrett!
On MacLaren, on Monte, on anyone else who will say it!

Having declared war on his base, Brown started to sweat
And set up nominations to block perceived so-con threat.

But PC party president Rick Dykstra had to admit defeat
In a nomination by Sam Oosterhoff which was quite a feat!

Patrick Brown was utterly humiliated and shocked.
"A teen beat Brown in his game!" the media mocked.

Then in November there were two byelections to test,
And Queenie gave voters a vehicle to protest.

A new Party! Stop the New S/x-Ed Agenda, it was called.
Immediately Queenie and her new party had the media enthralled.

Elizabeth in Ottawa ran under the party banner as well
With Queenie campaigning to create momentum and groundswell.

Again, more embarrassment as Patrick had his headlines stolen
By a small party which was a new thorn in his colon.

His eyes - they looked angry! His dimples - how unmerry!
His words were like stingers, and some thought they were scary!

"Enough with the so-cons!" Not another he would allow
As candidates in nominations, Patrick disqualified them- and how!

But the media caught on and demanded an answer.
This war with so-cons was quickly becoming a cancer.

“So what now?” asked people of PAFE and Queenie.
How are we effective if Patrick’s a meanie?

"Fret not!" Tanya said as she inspired hope,
There’s always plan B and plan C to cope.

PAFE is working closely with Queenie and her new party,
Together we’ll be a force and represent our supporters largely.

But we need funds to wage this battle to defend our parental right
As primary educators, and keep up the good fight.

So please donate, click here, and give us a shilling,
You have options - a tax credit or not - how thrilling!

We want to continue exposing Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown
And ensure those with anti-family policies are brought down.

So please, give generously, and we’ll represent you right,

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