Thursday, December 1, 2016

Social conservatives of Canada - buy a membership for CPC leadership

We social conservatives never give up. We keep on trucking. We never stop defending the unborn. We never stop defending parents' right to decide on the sex-ed curriculum for their children.

Next May 2017 we have the opportunity to vote for the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. It's a crowded contingency of leadership hopefuls. But there are really only two candidates who will support what we believe in, that is, true social conservative values: Pierre Lemieux and Brad Trost. Even though Andrew Scheer is pro-life he won't have reopen abortion debate.

I always laugh when I hear Justin Trudeau talk about Canadian values. The values he talks about are not my values--never have been and never will be.

This is really really important that we make our votes count in this leadership race. I did today when my husband and I bought a membership and supported Pierre Limieux. Here is Brad Trost's donation page.

All of the votes for a candidate who holds our values will count in the party, regardless as to who wins. Our membership tells the party that we matter. All social conservatives need to buy a membership for one of these candidates. Every single one of us needs to do this. We can't just say we support social conservative candidates, we need to put our hands into our wallets and pull out $15 and buy a membership.

This is our chance to stand up for our values, not Justin Trudeau's values

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