Monday, November 21, 2016

Why Andre Marin lost Ottawa-Vanier

Andre Marin thought he was going to win in Ottawa-Vanier.

He thinks that we social conservatives need to be "put in our place" because we are a "threat to the party".

It's kind of funny when a politician hasn't got a clue:
"Speaking after the loss, Marin was blunt in his outlook for the party. He declared that social conservatives need to be put “in their place” by PC leader Patrick Brown, as they constitute “a threat to the party.” 
“If they start calling some of the shots, I think you’ll see a very fast erosion in the popularity of the Progressive Conservative party,” Marin said. 
The comments carry particular weight given the other by election that took place on Thursday in Niagara-West Glanbrook. That’s where 19-year-old university student Sam Oosterhoff swiped the nomination from PC party president Rick Dykstra. Oosterhoff, who won the by election easily in the safe PC riding, is an avowedly pro-life candidate backed by the anti-sex-ed movement."
Marin actually said in his campaign literature that:
“We are a progressive, inclusive community."
So the PC party is inclusive--as long as you don't include social conservatives.

I guess that's "progressive" logic.
Dear Andre Marin, 
Patrick Brown is in power because those put-them-in-their-place social conservatives got him there in the first place. He wouldn't be there if we hadn't. His actions after being elected, by turning his back on us is what gave rise to the Stop the New Sex-ed Party. You've got it wrong. the PC party is an exclusive party not an inclusive party.  
Think about it. If Patrick Brown had not jettisoned his principles after being elected, all those volunteers working tirelessly for Elizabeth de Viel Castel, myself included, could have been working for you. And maybe you'd be our MPP now in Ottawa-Vanier. And not a Liberal.
Maybe you and the PC party of Ontario need to do some hard soul searching. This defeat is not because of social conservatives. It's because of Patrick Brown. 
etc. etc

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