Friday, November 18, 2016

Kathleen and Patrick - we're watching you

Elizabeth de Viel Castel from the Stop the New Sex Ed Agenda party did pretty well yesterday in the election in Ottawa-Vanier, considering. With 399 votes her party had the most votes of the seven non-mainstream parties.

And now a word (or two) from our sponsor.

Dear Kathleen Wynne,

I heard the word "values" associated with Nathalie Des Rosier's win. Would those be the Liberal values of hiding the cost and the numbers of abortions performed in Ontario? And what about the Liberal values of the most expensive hydro rates in North America? Are you talking about those values Kathleen? Funny that. I can't find either of those anywhere in my values.

etc. etc.

Dear Patrick Brown,

You lost the riding. Remember this one the next time you dump your supporters. You should have heeded the wise words of Brian Mulroney:
‘you dance with the one that brought you’. 
It's coming back to bite you Patrick.

etc. etc.

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