Thursday, March 24, 2016

Juistin Trudeau's 2016 budget disaster - sign the petition

From MP Jason Kenney:

When the last Conservative government was in office, we lowered taxes and balanced the budget. As a result, Canada had the strongest middle class in the world, according to the New York Times, and was ranked the best country to do business by Forbes.

But the new Liberal government is reversing the progress we made as fast as they can. After promising voters that they would not borrow more than $25 billion over their term in office, the Liberals are now planning to borrow at least $119 billion — and that's just a start.

It’s not just broken promises we need to worry about. According to the National Post’s John Ivison, “what we are seeing is the creation of a long-term structural deficit, not temporary cyclical investments."

We know that a long-term, structural deficit will be a disaster for our country.

So that’s why I’m asking you to take action today and sign my petition to protect Canada’s future.
I will be fighting hard against the Liberal plan to massively increase spending — I hope you will join me and do the same.


Jason Kenney

P.S. I strongly encourage you to read this excellent analysis of this disastrous and dishonest Liberal budget.

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