Monday, March 7, 2016

CFRA fires another good commentator

If you missed John Robson on CFRA this morning, it's because CFRA has dropped him. John was one of the last decent commentators on CFRA. Now he's gone. 

CFRA is so losing it, thanks of course to Bell Media. Bell obviously has no idea what they're doing with CFRA. They have even taken to regurgitating the previous evenings CTV newscasts in the morning. Lame.

I wonder how long advertisers will continue to advertise on CFRA. Bell is slowly but surely killing the station.

This is what John told me:
"Alas, they have indeed dropped me from the morning lineup. You can find details (including a pitch to help me carry on online) here:
It was a good run and I’m sorry it ended on the radio. But it will continue as a podcast if people support it, as I hope and trust they will."

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