Saturday, April 21, 2012

A female is not a clump

George Jonas on sex-selection abortion: You haven’t come such a long way

Ah, George Jonas. As Carly Simon says "Nobody does it better".

This is what he says:
“Choicers” lose just by noticing the blessed fetus is a female. An extension isn’t a female. It’s a growth, a confidence between a woman and her gynacologist. But a female is a different story. A female isn’t a growth. Not a clump but a soul, she’s not in the realm of obstetrics but of morality. Medical waste has no sex; a female, born or unborn, obviously does.

Once it’s possible to object to the elimination of fetuses on the basis of their sex, it’s possible to object to their elimination, period. Suddenly they come to life. It’s as if they were born, and once they’re born, any decision about what to do with them is no longer a question of a woman controlling her own body, but a woman controlling someone else’s body. A body that’s in her temporary custody; a body she has a fiduciary duty to protect."

And "choicers" out there, please take note. Jonas is neither religious or a social conservative. Just saying.

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