Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Educating Francoise (part deux)

Oh dear. Francoise is at it again.

On Monday this week, Ms. Boivin got up again in Parliament to talk about abortion. Now Ms. Boivin can talk about abortion all she likes. That's fine. But it's the strange things she says that makes me twitch.

“Mr. Speaker, I rise here today to denounce certain government MPs' attempts to criminalize abortion. Of course, they know that their approach is extremely unpopular with women who hate it when men try to tell them what to do with their bodies.”

I have to ask myself, exactly which women are you talking about Francoise? Would that be me? Would that be some of my women friends? Because I can let you in on a little secret. Any "approach", by any MP, to put limits on abortion is not unpopular with us, it is actually very very popular with us. Really.

I almost get the impression that you might be thinking that you speak for us women. I have that wrong though, right? Because, and I know this might come as a shock Ms. Boivin, but you don’t actually speak for us at all. Not now. Not ever.

And you do understand that nobody is telling any woman what to do with her body right? This is somebody else’s body. But I think you already know that Francoise. I think you’re pulling my leg.

Then you say:
“That is why these members are drawing inspiration from the Republican Party and using roundabout ways and bogus motions that are based on pseudo-science.”

Ms. Boivin, are you a clairvoyant that you know where MPs get their inspiration from? Wow, lucky you.

And pseudo-science? Let me see...nope, no pseudo-science here: An unborn child is human, since it comes from, you know, a human mother and a human father. Yep. Definitely human. That's science. Biology actually.

And finally this:
“Canadian women have a right to access abortion and this backwards-thinking government cannot take that away from them.”

Francoise I think we’ve had this particular discussion before. And nothing has changed since the last time we spoke.

What is this right to abortion you keep talking about? Did you make that up? There is no Charter right to abortion Ms. Boivin, I don’t care if you say it 100 times. It doesn't change anything.

So for your homework Francoise, please write this 100 times in your scribbler:
"I do not speak for women. An unborn child is not a part of a woman's body. There is no constitutional right to abortion in Canada".

When you're done, we can talk again.

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