Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good bye Globe and Mail

Dear Mr. Stackhouse,
It is time that we and the Globe and Mail parted ways.

My husband and I have subscribed to your newspaper for many many years. Our current subscription expired on June 4, 2010 and we will not be renewing it.

The Globe and Mail has regressed steadily to the left over time and basically there is little left that we care to read anymore. My husband still enjoys Neil Reynolds, Christie Blatchford and John Ibbitson but has completely stopped reading your editorials, Jeffrey Simpson and Lawrence Martin. For me, I have grown weary of your anti-pro-life bias and in fact your general anti-religious bias.

Pro-life articles or letters to the editor are rarely published by the Globe. In fact I'm not sure I have ever seen a pro-life article in your newspaper. Recently when Lysiane Gagnon and Margaret Wente both wrote pro-abortion articles, there were no letters published that refuted what they said. Did you not receive any? I understand that not all letters can be published but surely a newspaper as reputable and as old as the Globe and Mail could at the very least have the journalistic integrity to print alternate view points some of the time.

We now subscribe to the National Post which is not only more in line with our points of view, but it does have the courage and journalistic integrity to publish letters on both sides of any topic including abortion and religion.

Patricia Maloney

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  1. Hi Patricia
    Way to go! More people should follow your lead instead of just grumbling about what the media does. I remember quite a few years ago a local newspaper in the town I grew up in (in Canada) published a diatribe against pro-life people and especially Catholics. This was on a Saturday. Hundreds of copies of the offending paper were left on the doorstep of the newspaper office. On the Monday, the people who had done this cancelled their subscriptions to the paper. I don't think it changed the paper's views but they tamed down for awhile and it certainly showed them that people cared and would not pay to be insulted.

    Your sister, Maureen, put me on to this blog and I am pleased that she did. It is good so I will be back. God bless you, Patricia.