Friday, April 16, 2010

"pregnancy support groups" vs "crisis pregnancy centres"

In this Winnipeg Free Press article, Abortion pressure target of bill, Adam Wazny writes about Rod Bruinooge's 'Roxanne's Law,' that would make it a criminal offence for anyone to coerce a woman to terminate her pregnancy.

Wazny got comments from Joyce Arthur and he states:
"Arthur maintains the bill steps on the toes of a successful system that's already in place and undermines the good work pregnancy support groups do. Counsellors at clinics are on the front-lines educating people on the rights of the woman, outlining the choices they have and how the decision to see the pregnancy to term is theirs and theirs alone."

I am confused where Arthur says she supports "pregnancy support groups". Is this the same as "crisis pregnancy centres"? I doubt it, because as I have written previously, Arthur isn't very fond of crisis pregnancy centres. She calls CPCs, "fake clinics", "anti-choice Christian ministries", and warns women to "beware" CPCs because they "deceive" women.

On Arthur's application form for SWC funding, she wrote that one of the goals of the report was to:
"Promote and/or establish, feminist-based options for women, i.e., pro-choice options counseling and post-abortion counseling services and by doing so: enable women to access appropriate health and social services, enhance the effectiveness of feminist based organizations and agencies in regards to women's reproductive health and rights...”

Yes, I'm quite sure that Arthur hasn't had a change of heart about CPCs.

So I'm left wondering. What does Arthur mean by "pregnancy support groups". Could she be referring to those counsellors, who work at those clinics, which make abortion their business--you know abortion clinics?

If so, I'm really not sure a woman looking for "pregnancy support" would be wise to get counseling at an abortion clinic. I think she might come out not pregnant anymore.


  1. I too was puzzled by Joyce Arthur's statement about the good work that pregnancy support groups do. But then again, very little of what Ms. Arthur says makes much sense anyways.

  2. I never said anything about "pregnancy support centres" and did not use those words. I only talked about how abortion clinic counsellors already screen women for the possibility of coercion, and they do not do abortions on women who are conflicted or being coerced.

  3. Choice means to be able to decide after having received all the options. Being cooerced/forced under threat to submit to having an abortion takes that choice away. Exactly what Joyce Arthur and her pro-abort consorts have mouthed for years