Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let's tell the PC candidates when they call us that life issues matter to us

By Theresa Winchester, after she received a call from Caroline Mulroney's campaign and before that, an email from her campaign people.

(Note: people please challenge the PC candidates callers when they call you. We need to get the word out that prolifers are a force and life issues are most important with them. Be reasonable, be factual, be calm but be sure that the political leaders know that prolifers are paying attention and demanding attention.)

That's all very nice, Caroline, but....

I will vote based on the candidate's position on abortion.  You don't make my #1 or my #2 on that account.  In fact, you might be a solid #4.  

I'm not a raging right wing crazy.  I'm a retired career military officer, officer in the Order of Military Merit, in favour of equality for women in all matters.  But equality does not mean having unlimited right to kill a pre-born human for any or no reason, or perhaps because it's a she and not a he -- commonly known as gendercide.  Does that bear repeating?  The child in the womb is a human.  An individual.  No person has rights at the expense of the rights of another individual.  Just so's ya know, the Canadian Human Rights Act says "all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have".  And then there's Appendix 5 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which Article 3 guarantees a right to life and to security; Canada must be on board with that, eh, being a civilized country as we are.  

Hmmmm.  Sounds pretty clear to me.  Yeh yeh, in Canada we get around that by saying that the pre-born are not humans and that women have a right to an abortion.  So what are they, chickens?  alligators?   And it's rather odd that no one can find that right in the Supreme Court decision on access to abortion or in any other pertinent document.  Hence, an intelligent person like myself, and presumably like yourself, would not say that there is a right when there isn't, n'est-ce pas?  Yeh, we know, Trudeau says it all the time.  But repetition does not create anything that isn't already there, at least not in my world.  We kill off a significant number of Ontario taxpayers in the womb these days and that's important to me.  More important than taxes.  More important than the carbon tax.  More important than....  well, you get the picture.   So what do you plan to do about that?  

Just so's ya know.  

And BTW, your caller hung up on me this morning when I injected this into the conversation.  Maybe to you and your team, anyone who mentions abortion IS a raging right wing crazy?   Golly gee, that's good to know. 

​ Winchester

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