Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trudeau digs his hole deeper and deeper

Remember this letter I wrote to Justin Trudeau back in 2014?

That letter had more than 400 names on it.

Well yesterday a signatory of that letter asked me if Justin had ever replied to that latter. This is what she said:
"could you please tell me whether Justin Trudeau ever replied to the letter (with many, many signatures, including mine) expressing concern about his requiring his Liberal-party colleagues to vote pro-choice (i.e., abortion). I am curious because I used to write correspondence for Ministers and MPs and it was unheard of, back then, to ignore or not to answer a letter."
Not only did I send Mr Trudeau many subsequent emails reminding him that I was waiting for a reply, but I also sent the letter via snail mail. I guess Trudeau thinks he's a cut above regular MPs, and he doesn't need to follow the same etiquette as other MPs do, because Trudeau never replied to that letter.

Now Trudeau is getting push back on his Federal Job Program which he's disallowed us from using. And he's claiming his standard nonsense that there is a charter right to abortion, aided and abetted by the pro-abortions and their leader, extremist Joyce Arthur.

Arthur also likes to say that there is a Charter right to abortion. Of course they're both wrong but that doesn't stop them from saying it. Over and over again. I guess they think we're stupid.

Even the Americans think Trudeau's anti-pro-life actions are reprehensible.

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