Thursday, November 2, 2017

Abortion bubble zone - law of unintended consequences

There is an interesting side effect to the abortion bubble zone law. Because of this law, I am far more inclined to go and pray at the abortion facility in Ottawa. We were there again today. We even prayed for Kathleen, Patrick, Justin and Jim.

Mind you, as you can see, they have the entrance to the abortion facility covered up with scaffolding and boards. And there's no construction going on there so what's up with that? Clearly they've done that to prevent us from "observing" the place. And as you know we aren't allowed to "observe" the abortion facility. No. No. No.

Just to make sure I didn't accidentally "observe" the abortion facility, I observed this instead:

Yes. I'm pretty sure I will now be visiting the abortion facility a lot more often now. To pray. For the women; that they will choose life for their pre-born children. For our politicians; that they will stop taking away our rights. For the abortion doctors; that they will stop performing abortions. And all of these prayers are a very good thing indeed.


  1. Yes, I find others there praying when I go as well. I don't know these people but I suspect they come because of the bubble zone law. Isn't it interesting how things work. I love your idea to pray for everyone involved in the abortion business. It also important to pray for the many women who 'choose' abortion because of the pressure put on them by the father of the child, even their own parents, grandparents, teachers....the list of those who force or pressure women to abort their babies is endless. All these people need prayer. The consolation for the unborn babies that God will take care of them in His loving way.

  2. I am resolved to pray harder than ever and I know others feel as I do.