Thursday, September 28, 2017

Liberals and NDPs acting out

Date: Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 5:33 PM

Subject: Anti-democratic behaviour by some MPs


Dear members of the committee for the Status of Women,

Your decision to walk out of the meeting to elect the Chair and vow to not return until an alternate Chair was named tells me some interesting things.

First of all, this was rude and childish, not exactly an example of maturity. It was also the behaviour of a schoolyard bully.

Second, it is the behaviour of someone who doesn't adhere to our core principles of democracy. Every time we don't like the personal views of someone, do we react by walking out on them? What about having a conversation and exchanging ideas like adults?

Third, there are millions of pro-life women in this country. I am one of them and know many, many others. Who speaks for us when you are so willing to shut down a woman who shares our views? In the Liberal and NDP parties there are plenty of MPs who speak for the pro-choice people. We are also Canadian citizens yet we are not allowed to have any representation in Parliament who speak for us. Why is that?

Fourth, what kind of example does it set for young women who might aspire to politics? Why would they ever aspire to that calling, knowing they can be prevented from having views that are deemed unacceptable? Is this the example we want to share with our young women? I hope not.

Fifth, as a Canadian citizen who pays your salaries, I expect better from you. I expect you to represent all Canadian women, not only those who you agree with.

Sixth, remember the days when women were bullied by men? And now we are free to bully our own because we don't all share the same views? Is this what we've come to? We didn't learn much did we?

Finally, this behaviour is just down right embarrassing to me. It is embarrassing to me as a woman, as a Canadian citizen, as a tax payer, and as a lover of democracy.

I wonder. How would you feel if the same thing happened to you?

Thank you.

Patricia Maloney

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