Sunday, January 15, 2017

Can we give CPCs $661,779,000, like we do for abortion?

According to Joyce Arthur, crisis pregnancy centres received 3.5 million in taxes from governments in the past five years (2011-2015)

Wow, what a pitifully small amount that government gives to crisis pregnancy centres. Surely we can do better than that? Surely we can find an ounce of compassion in our hardened hearts to give more money to crisis pregnancy centres in Canada?

These centres do amazing work in helping women with unplanned pregnancies like CAPSS does.

An interesting comparison would be to compare the dollars spent by government on abortion in Canada, to the dollars spent by government on crisis pregnancy centres.

So below I calculate an estimate of what taxpayers spent in the last five years on abortions. The numbers below are the total numbers of abortion performed in Canada from 2010-2014, based on CIHIs numbers. I then corrected the totals to account for un-reported abortions. (I used these years since CIHI hasn't published 2015 statistics yet, whereas Arthur used 2011-2015 in her calculations.)

In 2010 I learned that CIHI's Ontario abortion statistics were under-reported by 53.28%. (I originally estimated this to be 45.4% but that was based on CIHI's 2009 stats, since I didn't have the 2010 stats at the time.)

This huge discrepancy (431,745 vs 661,779) seems to be mostly from the abortions done in doctor's offices. Since these abortions are NOT captured by CIHI, we can safely assume that there are similar percentages of doctor offices abortions all across the country.

So I then applied this same percentage to all of Canada's abortions estimating a total of 661,779 abortions performed in Canada for five years. Using $1,000 cost per abortion, that's at least $661,779,000, that taxpayers have spent on abortion in Canada in the past five years.

(I have found costs estimated as high as $1,600/abortion so $1000 is underestimating the cost. Of course, if the Ontario government didn't hide abortion information from citizens we might get a better picture of the actual cost of abortion. Without those numbers we have to guess, imagine, estimate, or blue sky the numbers).

So our governments spent at least $661,779,000 on abortions for a five year period, compared to $3.5 million for CPCs.

This means the government (via the Canadian taxpayer) has paid a only tiny tiny fraction to help fund crisis pregnancy centres, as compared to what they spent on abortions. That's a lot of money going to kill unborn babies and almost nothing to support CPCs.

This makes it really clear to me that as a country we have been terribly remiss in not calling on our politicians to provide a lot more funding to CPCs. I suggest we should all email and write letters to our MPs and MPPs and ask them to increase that pitiful amount to something a lot more. In fact we should call on our governments to fund an equal amount to CPCs, as they do to fund abortions. It's our money after all. Shouldn't we have a say in where it goes?

Come to think of it, I'd like to see my tax dollars going only to CPCs and not to abortion at all.

I will be emailing my MP, MPP, the Prime Minister ( and the Minister of Health (Jane Philpott, and ask them to provide more funding to CPCs. I hope you do as well.


  1. The problem with govt funding of CPCs is that they then have oversight over the Centres and will usually insist that the pregnancy centre offer abortion referrals. Our local centre here does not want govt money for that very reason. It is better to be independent of the huge nanny state.

  2. Thanks for the figures and the comparisons and the analysis. Letters are on their way.