Friday, July 8, 2016

Pro-abortion doctor can't articulate dangers of RU-486

Here we have another grand example of CBC's abortion bias.

Heather Hiscox on CBC News interviews Wendy Norman (the abortion doctor/researcher) complaining about restrictions on dispensing the RU-486 abortion pill, legal in Canada as of July 1.

Wendy Norman says that the rules for dispensing the dangerous drug RU-486 are very unusual and were "bizarrely put in place", because doctors will have to dispense them to women, and that this will cause difficulty for women in remote areas.

First of all, here are the rules for dispensing RU-486 in the US. Seems like the US is doing exactly what Canada is doing, ie RU-486 must be dispensed by doctors.
"Mifeprex is supplied directly to healthcare providers who meet certain qualifications. It is only available to be dispensed in certain healthcare settings, specifically, clinics, medical offices and hospitals, by or under the supervision of a certified prescriber. It is not available in retail pharmacies, and it is not legally available over the Internet."
So Dr. Norman, maybe our rules are not really that "bizarre" after all?

In fact, there are actually a truckload of dangers associated with RU-486, especially in remote areas. But when Hiscox asks Dr. Norman why these dispensing precautions, Dr. Norman has no idea. I am not kidding. She basically she says she doesn't know why, that this is "very strange".

Has Dr. Norman never read any of the evidence on the dangers of this drug, especially when one considers women taking it in rural areas? Not a single word about the dangers come out of Dr. Norman's mouth. What she does say is this:
"We are hopeful that the extraordinary degree of evidence available around the world on this medication, it really only stops a pregnancy from growing in a safe and effective manner. (Notice Dr. Norman's euphemism for killing an unborn child but I digress)".
Finally, the last time I complained to CBC about their abortion bias, they wrote me off. Which I expected and wasn't surprised they did. This time they didn't even make any pretense about not being biased. Dr. Norman was the only person interviewed in an entire seven minute segment.

Nobody else who could actually speak of the dangers of this scary drug, was even bothered to be interviewed. Why am I not surprised?

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