Friday, May 6, 2016

How to become popular in a hurry - say you support the killing of preborn children

What are the first public words out of Mike Duffy's mouth after two and a half years away from the Senate?
"Minister, I'll make this quick because I know you're on a tight time schedule. I represent Prince Edward Island and there, women in P.E.I. have, for some time, had concerns about access to full medical facilities, medical services for women. That's recently changed, and that's a good thing," 
"Have you thought ... about what mechanisms the federal government might have, i.e. the Canada Health Act, cash, money, to ensure that this service you're proposing will be available everywhere in Canada?"
Minister Jane Philpott thought Duffy's question was "excellent".

Take an unpopular person, decide to become "pro-choice", then ask a pro-abortion question. And voila. You will become the darling of the pro-abortions.

When you want to be liked, it's a pretty good strategy you got to admit.

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