Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Canada: Sex selection abortions are performed

But for some Indian-born women in Canada, that ratio is as high as 409 to 100:
"A new study finds that Indian-born women in Canada with two or more children are giving birth to more baby boys than expected. And researchers suggest abortions related to sex selection may be a major reason. 
The study says Canadian-born women in Ontario gave birth to about 105 boys for every 100 girls between 1993 and 2012, consistent with the average in most of the world. 
But women who immigrated from India who already had two children gave birth to 138 boys for every 100 girls. If they already had three children, they give birth to 166 males for every 100 females. 
That ratio rises to 326 boys per 100 girls for Indian-born mothers with two daughters who had an abortion preceding her third birth. 
It was 409 boys for every 100 girls if the mother had more than one abortion."
You'd think the feminists would be up in arms over the sex selection abortion of their own. But I'm pretty sure we won't hear anything from them. The pro-abortions never meet an abortion they wouldn't condone.


  1. I've written a lot on sex selection. Yes, feminists are against sex selection because it is a symptom of the rampant patriarchy, misogyny and sexism in society. But no law will fix it.

    I have a question for you. What do you propose to do about sex selective abortion?

  2. Dear Fern, I just browsed through a couple of those entries you provided in your link about sex selection. It's kind of hard to get past your name calling and rude pokes at all people and all things pro-life, to actually take anything you say seriously. So I think that until you stop being rude and boorish I'll refrain from answering your question.

  3. Oh. You won't answer because I'm rude. That makes sense. :)

    I'm being perfectly civil here. You aren't answering because your answer would be to ban all abortions, correct?

  4. Out of curiosity, in order to fulfill your demand to stop being rude, do I need to delete my blog to get an answer to my simple and civil question here?