Thursday, February 18, 2016

Good-bye CFRA

I've had it with CRFA. Now they've laid off Mark Sutcliffe, John Counsell, Ron Corbett and Nick Vandergragt. This after they laid off other hosts a while ago, and Steve Winogron a year ago. Steve Madely retired recently (at least that's the official story).

Mark Sutcliffe was the only reason I've continued listening to CFRA as of late. Now that he's gone, well that's it for me. Rob Snow is still there, but for how long? And Brian Lilley is on in the evenings but I don't listen in the evenings.

Bell media owns CTV and CFRA and Lord knows I can't stand Bell (who lied to me) or CTVwho ripped apart CPCs in BC, based on Joyce Arthur's inaccurate, atrocious, nonsensical, fictitional "report":

I don't know what Sutcliffe's or Corbett's abortion leanings are, but Counsell, Vandergragt, Madely, and Winogron were all pro-life. Interesting coincidence? 

CTV and Bell deserve each other. It's just too bad they had to decimate whatever was still good at CFRA.

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