Thursday, December 3, 2015

CIHI releases 2014 abortion statistics

CIHI released their 2014 abortion statistics today. Like last year they are in Excel format.

2014 total abortions were 81,897 compared to 82,869 in 2013. But of course, as usual, clinic data is incomplete and still no abortions reported for doctor's offices and BC clinic data is also incomplete.

There were 540 clinic abortions reported in NB in 2013, but clinic data is absent for 2014.

In 2014 Newfoundland and Labrador reported 867 abortions, but in 2013 Newfoundland and Labrador's clinic abortions were absent.

From CIHI:
"Hospitals are mandated by their provincial/territorial ministry of health to report all hospital activity (not limited to abortions); therefore, coverage of abortions performed in Canadian hospitals can be considered complete. However, there is no such legislative requirement for clinics to report their activity (reporting is voluntary). For 2014, clinic data for British Columbia is incomplete, and clinic data for New Brunswick is absent."

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  1. Thanks for reporting this. Haven't seen it anywhere else.