Friday, October 9, 2015

Justin Trudeau doesn't understand the Canada Health Act

In this "up for debate" interview with Justin Trudeau, the interviewer asks a question--based on a falsehood--and Trudeau just as sweet as can be, goes along with it. Either Trudeau knows it is false and doesn't correct the interviewer which is a scary thought, or he doesn't know it's false which is even a scarier thought.

Check out page 8 where Trudeau is asked about the Canada Health Act and how it requires abortion to be funded (the CHA does no such thing), and Justin says if he's elected he will have a conversation with any jurisdiction not living up to their responsibilities under the CHA:
FP: Another question which does not get much air time because it’s a question that is seen as something that was settled 30 years ago and I’m talking about reproductive rights, abortion. The Canada Health Act stipulates that every Canadian woman has a right to a free, accessible abortion without conditions. That is not being applied right now. PEI, a Liberal government, has turned away from its obligations. What are you prepared to do about that?
JT: I had a conversation with the Premier about this just a few months ago. The fact is they have moved in the right direction, made a significant change. There is no a 2 doctor rule around that. But you’re right, there are presently no abortions offered on the island of Prince Edward Island. And I certainly hope that that’s going to change. Because it’s important that we make sure that full medical access to reproductive services are available to every woman across this country. And that is something that the Liberal Party is engaged in. 
Dear Justin: Repeating a falsehood doesn't make it true.

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