Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood Ottawa

From my friend Anastasia:

So, Planned Parenthood Canada is a little different than the US. To the best of my knowledge, they do not operate abortion clinics, but they do offer abortion information and referrals and a whole lot more of what Planned Parenthood Ottawa proudly calls " inclusive pro-choice sexual health education" that is pretty awful. 
Do your tax dollars pay them? You bet! And you might be surprised (or offended) by who else helps them. Page 15 of the 2012-2013 Annual Report for Planned Parenthood Ottawa indicates that they received $103,117 ----close to half their revenues--from the City of Ottawa alone. Another "Core and Project Funder" is the Ontario Trillium Foundation which apparently is funded by Ontario government lotteries. 
Additional "event sponsors" included "The Canadian Museum of War", the "National Arts Centre", "the Museum of Civilization" etc. etc. Wait a minute. Aren't they government funded too? Well the NAC just received $110 million from the federal government for renos--presumably so our tax dollars can help them to "sponsor" PPO events. Other "event sponsors" included Al's Steakhouse, Les Suites, the Radisson and Bridgehead, to name a few. I might just send their management a note letting them know just what I think of PP and their kind and why I might not want to frequent any establishment that supports them. 
You can check out the Annual Report here:  The pertinent donor pages are 14 and 15. Worth taking a look 


  1. It's a shame you feel this way. I was very sick, was pregnant through failed birth control, and had an first-trimester abortion in 1975. I'm happy that my tax dollars are used to help women with choices. This wicked campaign is very sad. Until you've lived on the street and walked a mile in their shoes, these women need our help. You set back the women's movement 50 years.

  2. Jennifer there are crisis pregnancy centres that will help women who are sick and are pregnant and who need help like you were.

    Wicked campaign? There is nothing wicked about educating people about where PP gets their funding, and in fact this information is already published publicly.

    I also notice that the Citizen article doesn't mention that PP does referrals for a procedure that kills an unborn child. Many would say that that is what is wicked.

  3. I am not happy that my tax dollars kill unborn babies. I would much rather see that money go to Crisis Pregnancy centers all across the country who will help the moms and work with them to save their babies and themselves-----ripping innocent babies to pieces is NOT the answer!!