Thursday, July 30, 2015

RU-486 - you won't get the truth from the pro-abortions

Health Canada has approved the drug RU-486. What a shame. Contrary to what the pro-abortions will tell you, it's neither safe nor private.

And it is especially dangerous for women in remote areas.

There are also eight pages of side effects.

Renate Klein, a pro-choice woman, wrote a book called RU486: Misconceptions, Myths and Morals. The book is extremely well researched and completely dismantles the nonsense we are told about the safety of this drug and all of its supposed benefits.

Here's just two excerpts from the book:
"...There is much about RU 486/PG that is fraught with risk and problems. As we have queried, what is the meaning of a `private' and 'de-medicalized' abortion that requires three or four doctor visits to a specialized center, includes the taking of two and perhaps five hazardous drug combinations, is accompanied by vaginal ultrasound, and too often has complications ranging from moderate bleeding to severe pain and, for some women, blood transfusions? If this is a private and de-medicalized abortion experience, then the word `private' has lost its definitional moorings..."
"...Readers might not draw the same conclusion [that the drug is safe and effective], like hemorrhage-like bleeding, including the need for a blood transfusion, and/or re-evacuation, cardiovascular problems, a potentially lethal infection, or an ongoing pregnancy." 
More of what Klein says about this dangerous drug. Read it and weep.

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