Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So who quashed funding for CPC?

Remember when Fake Person complained to Trillium, and then Trillium revoked funding to Pregnancy Options and Support Centre in Sarnia?

Guess who the CEO is of the Ontario Trillium Foundation? Andrea Cohen Barrack

And guess who the Chairperson is of International Planned Parenthood for Canada? Andrea Cohen Barrack

The one and the same person.

So let's see.

A government organization, that doles out our tax dollars, is headed by someone, who also just happens to head up an organization, that promotes abortion as a valid and neutral choice. And then the former organization revokes funding for another organization who does not promote abortion.

Isn't that the interesting little story?


  1. So she has two jobs? How does that work? She's the head of a government agency-- presumably a full-time job... and she's the head of Planned Parenthood?

    Was she on the Sunshine list perchance?

  2. Wanted to add: she's the volunteer CEO of Planned Parenthood.