Sunday, February 16, 2014

CLC says that spiritual leaders not well formed on life issues

CLC issued this official statement today: Campaign Life Coalition and Gestation Legislation

Notice this statement, which I don't agree with:
"The Canadian pro-life movement must continue focusing on prayer as the essential core of the work, and educating spiritual leaders. Sadly, the majority of the latter are neither as knowledgeable nor as well formed as one would expect on the issues affecting life and family.
I believe many of our spiritual leaders are very well formed, like Cardinal Ouellet, Cardinal Collins Archbishop Miller, and the Priests at Priest For Life Canada, to name but a few.

And this statement which I also don't agree with:
"Regular church goers tell us that they never hear a talk, a sermon or a homily educating the faithful on crucial life and family issues."
Our priests at our Parish do speak out on Life issues regularly. And this year our Pastor went to the abortion defund rally, attended Life Chain and 40 days for life. He also spoke about these events, and arranged car pooling for parishioners.

(Update: My last entry on the CLC/AFLO position here)


  1. I have to say that I agree with CLC: clergy are very misinformed.

    First off, we live in Ottawa which has a very well-informed clergy. But in many parts of the country, the abortion issue never raises its head. If you listen to Fr. Raymond Gravel and his caricature of pro-lifers, you'd think we were still living in the 1980s. He reacts based on stereotypes rather than flesh-and-blood pro-lifers. It's the same in much of Quebec and much of English Canada.

    Secondly. clergy also includes Protestant clergy. Abortion is not even close to being on the radar in many circles. Abortion is not mentioned in the Bible, and pastors are very afraid of alienating their congregation.

    We're spoiled in Ottawa.

    1. Suzanne and Paul, the main point that needs to be addressed is in the joint statement signed by AFLO and CLC. The issue is that these two organizations are accusing those who do not agree with the 2012 statement on support for gestational legislation released by Archbishop Miller and supported by Cardinal Collins and Priests for Life Canada of behaving in an immoral manner. This is a very serious problem and surely we can all see this.
      Let us therefore not be confused or distracted from the real problem which is condemnation of others. The statement released by CLC on 15 Feb makes it clear that CLC supports the joint statement that accuses others of evil. Enough said.

  2. I see no evidence that CLC believes that those who take a gestational approach are behaving in an immoral manner. I've never heard such words from the mouths of anyone associated with Campaign Life.

    There is no accusation of evil.

    Rather, I think they oppose a gestational approach due to prudential reasons. And the experience in other countries do show that gestational laws are crap. They do very little to inhibit abortion on demand.

    It doesn't mean CLC is opposed to all incremental legislation, only that gestational laws are a waste of time.

    Having followed pro-life issues in a wide range of countries, I tend to agree. That's not to say I wouldn't vote for a gestational law, but I don't think it should be the focus of our efforts.

    1. Suzanne, CLC says that a gestational law is immoral and intrinsically evil. If I support a gestational law, which I do, I am therefore supporting something that is immoral and intrinsically evil. If I support something that is evil, I am behaving immorally.

      In any event, clearly gestational laws are not immoral and evil as Archbishop Miller and Cardinal Collins very clearly stated.

      What if I reverse the sentiment. What would you think, if I said that it was immoral and intrinsically evil to not support a gestational law?

      If CLC opposes a gestational approach for simply prudential reasons, why don't they just say that? Why are they spending so much time and effort saying it is immoral and intrinsically evil?