Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yes abortion is horrible and gruesome are you surprised?

Rick Dykstra and dead babies in dumpsters

by Jonathon van Maren

So: Member of Parliament Rick Dykstra didn’t get a cabinet position in Stephen Harper’s much-anticipated cabinet shuffle, Canada’s “top” abortion activist kindly gave us advice on how to get along with other pro-lifers, and tens of thousands of Canadians—and more by the day—are aware of what abortion is and Canada’s state of lawlessness on the matter.

We’re pleased to announce that the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has now distributed over 175,000 postcards exposing the reality of abortion in Canada in five ridings—two ridings, those of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and cabinet minister Bal Gosal, have been completely covered. We’ve delivered all of these postcards by hand, showing Canadian voters what abortion in Canada looks like mailbox by mailbox, street by street, and subdivision by subdivision.

Member of Parliament Rick Dykstra actually affirmed in 2006 that he recognized that life begins at fertilization and that the law should protect the human rights of pre-born humans. He affirmed after his election that he didn’t really care that much because apparently the ideologies emanating from the cavernous skulls of Canada’s abortion warriors look better on the resume. However, during Harper’s cabinet shuffle, Mr. Dykstra did not get a cabinet position. This makes us very happy because we’re pretty sure that Mr. Dykstra decided to stop caring about human rights specifically to get a cabinet position, where he could be A Very Important Person™ and do very important things for the next generation, or at least those who survived his apathy. He sold out, and he got nothing. At least Judas Iscariot got thirty pieces of silver.

Mr. Dykstra, as I’ve mentioned before, claims to be “personally pro-life” in order to pretend his Christian beliefs are still near and dear to him, even though he apparently treats them like a very nice decoration—something to be seen, but not used. Staff members at his office, one of whom rushed out and assaulted one of our activists, have been claiming our pictures are fake. That is because the results of Mr. Dykstra’s morally repulsive position are so difficult to look at that all they can really do in response is claim that it didn’t actually happen. That, of course, and shoving those who pass out the postcards--apparently verbally flailing against truth isn't always sufficient, and sometimes violence is necessary. How very pro-choice of them.

Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada fluctuated between pretending to be happy that we were distributing postcards, accusing us of harassment, and oh-so-nicely informing us that if we stopped telling everybody what abortion looked like, other pro-lifers would like us better. Her concern was touching, and we felt warm and fuzzy, and we’re going to distribute around another 100,000 postcards before we’re done. It’s the thought that counts, I suppose.

Ms. Arthur says that we must be getting a torrent of negative responses from our postcard distribution. Actually, less than 1% of those who have received a postcard have contacted us, and all those who have get a phone call back if they desire. Yes, many of them angrily ask us why we’re distributing “horrible, gruesome images”—which is why many people are uncomfortable with this project. I’m confused here: Our job is to destroy the cultural cognitive dissonance between what we instinctively know about children in the womb and what we societally believe about abortion. People whose default position on abortion is apathy are describing the procedure as “horrible and gruesome,” and are having an emotional reaction to the issue. No, they might not be anti-abortion yet. No, they aren’t too happy that we’ve disturbed their bliss by showing them that abortion is, indeed, horrible and gruesome. But it’s a really good start. Our country has been in darkness on this issue for too long—and when someone throws the light on; your eyes will hurt at first. But when they adjust, you begin to see things you never saw before. Like the fact that abortion is horrible and gruesome.

This project is just a start. Because we’ll stop dropping postcards showing dead babies in mailboxes when Canadian abortionists stop dropping dead babies in dumpsters.

Reprinted with permission from Unmasking Choice

More on CCBR's Postcard campaign here.

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