Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Gosnell case: why aren't we talking about it?

Brian Lilley lamented that there hasn't been much media overage on the Gosnell story, himself included.

I haven't blogged about it either. Why? It think it's because the story is so horrendous it depresses me. It's also hard to know even what to say about it. How people can travel so far down the slippery abortion slope into what happened, is almost impossible to comprehend.

Yet anyone who discusses the Gosnell case are aghast. Last night I listened to two men in a restaurant who were watching CNN coverage of the case. The sound wasn't on the TV but CNN has text on their screen so it was obvious what they were discussing. The two men watching were totally shocked and disgusted at what they were seeing. One of them didn't know about the case and when the other man was explaining to him what it was; he was incredulous. They both were. We all are.

But I think society is becoming totally inured to abortion because it has become so normalized in society, so celebrated, and so status quo. I have a pro-choice friend who won't even discuss abortion with me. This is what he said to me regarding the abortion debate:
"Its old, tired, based highly on religion and emotion, and when all is said and done, it just plain doesn't matter to me. At least not as long as our society leaves me the right to make my own choices and live life as I please."

That sentiment makes me very sad. But I think that is where we find ourselves now when we can't get people to talk about it. Maybe people think that the Gosnell story is just another abortion story. And they just don't care.

Brian Lilley says that the story deserves more coverage and:
"On Byline we will fix that on Monday. A potential guest fell through for this week but on Monday we have booked Lila Rose of Live Action to talk about this deeply disturbing but very important story."

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  1. As a pro-lifer, I find that I am becoming desensitized to the horror of abortion. I can read the details of this case and it leaves me unaffected. I feel as if I have seen too much and it doesn't bother me as it should. There is a great danger in becoming desensitized to the carnage.