Thursday, November 22, 2012

I think you're pulling my leg

Dear Mr. Clark,

I have to say that I found this editorial astoundingly rude, condescending, and disrespectful of Canadians in general and pro-lifers in particular. Since this was written as an editorial, I am assuming that you are speaking for your newspaper, which, I won't lie to you, is a scary thought indeed.

"The debate is over and lost" you say? I actually found that statement to be all of the above but also rip-roaring funny as well. Do you think that because you have made this proclamation we will now quietly leave the room with our tails between our legs? I don't think so.

I also see that you buy into that greatest myth of all time, the one that begins with "women" and ends with "the right to have control over their bodies". Earth to The Province: the unborn child is someone else's body and nobody has any right to kill it. Got it?

And "private choice"? Well as long as I and my fellow Canadians are paying for this non-medically-necessary "choice", that by the way, dismembers a defenceless, voiceless, tiny human being by forcefully removing it and ultimately killing it--well that "choice" isn't private anymore, so yes we will have our say, and we will have a role, and we will be that voice, for those who have no voice.

It's called standing up for human rights. It's a long and cherished human condition and preoccupation, look it up sometime. You might learn something new.

The debate is over you say? Not by a long shot. But if you choose, you can believe what you like.


Patricia Maloney

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