Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CCBR in Ottawa July 2, 2012

The New Abortion Caravan: Presentation - Ottawa Ontario , July 2, 2012 - Introduction of the Team

This amazing team tells us how they are changing hearts and minds, one human being at a time.

Jonathon Van Maren tells us about Canada's abortion killing fields, Part 1:

Jonathon's talk, Part 2:

Stephanie Gray tells us that CCBR has set a deadline of 18 years to end the killing of preborn children.

Stephanie also says:
"It is time to take this sacred cow of Canada's abortions rights movement, and redeem it."

Stephanie's talk, Part 1:

Stephanie's talk, Part 2:

Stephanie quotes Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 - 1860):

"Truth passes through three stages:
First - it is ridiculed
Second - it is violently opposed
Third - it is accepted as being self-evident"

Stephanie's talk part 3, where we go from here:
"If we can't face it, we can't fight it."

Q&A, part 1:

Q&A, Part 2:

Videos by Patricia Maloney
Editing by Maureen Ward

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