Friday, March 30, 2012

More abortion statistics for Ontario for 2009 and 2010

Further to my last Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term care, I recently submitted another FOI. I had not asked for this service code in my last FOI.

I asked for:
"How many claims, and how many dollars, did physicians bill for, for medical management of termination of pregnancy, that is, service code A920 with diagnostic code 635, broken down by hospitals, clinics, and physicians' office, in each of 2009 and 2010?"

This is what I learned:

In 2009 under diagnostic code 635 (Therapeutic abortion) there were 82 abortions done at a cost of $10,797.64. In 2010 under this same code, there were 94 abortions done at a cost of $11,538.52.

In 2009 under diagnostic code 895 (Family planning, contraceptive advice, advice on sterilization or abortion) there were 221 services done at a cost of $30,321.20. In 2010 there were 261 services done at a cost of $35,809.20.

In 2009 under code NA (Non-specific diagnostic code) there were 88 services done at a cost of $12,032.44. In 2010 there were 102 services done at a cost of $13,912.08. 

There was also a diagnostic code for which I received information, that confused me. I have asked the Ministry to clarify it before I report on it.


  1. 82 abortions for $10,797? That's only about $131 an abortion. Does that not seem really, really cheap to you?

    Or was it $10,000 a pop?

  2. The full description for code A920 is "A920 Medical management of early pregnancy - initial service". In other words a medical abortion. The codes are listed here:

    If you go to the post referenced at the beginning of this post, you will see the costs for other abortion codes as well as notes explaining what was included in those costs.

  3. Still, that seems quite cheap. Is there a copay for the drugs?

    Otherwise Kensington clinic in Calgary is HUGELY overcharging for their medical abortions.

  4. The OHIP dollars are just the amount that doctors bill OHIP for the abortion, so it's only the cost to pay the physician. The total costs a lot more to the taxpayer than that. There are facility fees, paying nurses, etc. So that's why an abortion is in the hundreds of dollars. In fact, estimates are that the full cost of an abortion is from $800-$1000 up to $1600 (see: