Friday, March 11, 2011

Socially conservative feminism: our time has come

Barbara Kay says it like it is in the Post on Wednesday: The day Sarah Palin kneecapped feminism.

Kay says:
If there is one issue that illustrates the bright line between revolutionary feminism and Palinite feminism, it is abortion. The unfettered right to abortion is an irreducible feminist dogma. It wasn’t always the case. The Suffragettes were political pioneers, but social conservatives. Thanks to Sarah Palin, the long political hibernation of socially conservative feminism is over.

In response, I wrote this letter to the Post:


National Post · Friday, Mar. 11, 2011

Re: Love Her Or Hate Her, Palin Changed Feminism, Barbara Kay, March 9.

I think we should start a new movement and regain our rightful place in the world, retaking it from the feminists who have co-opted the philosophy of feminism to make it something that it was never meant to be: Women's rights first, and always to the exclusion of men's rights and the rights of the unborn. I never liked the "feminist" moniker, but "socially conservative feminism"?

I like it.

Patricia Maloney, Ottawa.

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  1. Frankly, I think we should the word feminism to the feminists and let it rot in the dustbin of history. I think "reclaiming" feminism is a big mistake.