MOHLTC correspondence Sept 25, 2017

My question to the Ministry:

1) Which diagnostic codes under fee code A920 (which I believe is a medial abortion) are for a termination of pregnancy? There are about 40 diagnostic codes for A920.

2) I already have the total number for A920 fee code for 2015/2016 (2615 + 3318).  Now I just need to know which of these codes are termination of pregnancies (and what their diagnostic codes are for termination of pregnancy).

The Ministry's response:
"Attached ( the listing of the diagnostic codes which was the underlying information from the fee schedule information that you received earlier. The OHIP claims system does require a physician to submit a fee code for payment however it is optional for a physician to submit a diagnostic code with the fee code and there is no rule that the diagnostic code needs to relate to the fee  code.
As you can see, the Ministry doesn't actually answer my questions. 

This is not the first time I've tried to clarify with the Ministry which diagnostic codes are for abortions. I never get a straight answer. And now the Ministry confirms that the diagnostic codes are essentially useless, since they are neither mandatory and in fact don't even need to relate to the fee code they are attached to.

I will therefore assume that all of the five codes are for abortions. And A920 (MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF EARLY PREGNANCY ‐ INITIAL VISIT) and P001A (MEDICAL MGMT FETAL DEMISE BETWEEN 14‐20 WKS GESTATION) abortion codes are for medical abortions.

Here are the abortion numbers I received for two fiscal years:

2014/2015 data

2015/2016 data

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