Friday, September 20, 2019

Late-term stillbirth (902) and livebirth (150) abortions in 2018/2019

Live birth abortions continue to happen in Canada.

Here are the latest numbers of late term abortions in Canada from CIHI. There were 910 late-term (20 weeks and greater) stillbirths and 150 born alive abortions.

Previous years here.

20 of these born alive abortions were greater than 25 weeks gestation.
107 of these born alive abortions were between 21 – 24 weeks gestation.
23 of these born alive abortions were 20 weeks gestation.

Note: These are for hospital abortions only and do not include clinics or physician's offices. These numbers also do not include late-term abortions done in Quebec.

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